Jan 8, 2011

Climbing Decals

Hey i need to post some decals on here so the sticker guy can put it on my clinbing helmet.
Im still not sure which one to use

changing my focus

Hey there all of my loyal readers... ... ... cricket cricket croquette. anyways (that's not a word) im sad and happy and kind of exited to reveal some of the latest news in my life, since i posted like a year ago-GASP-. ive decided to joining the circus as a bearded man... no thats not right... oh yeah im moving to switzerland! im going to rock climb, have fun, and (hopefully) take lots a pictures of my travels... oh yeah and attend high school there.
There in that mass of words lies the answer to what i was talking about in the first place! SWITZERLAND, the land up over... no that doesnt work either. Anyways(also NOT A WORD) until i leave at the begining of the next school year i will be periodically updating the news of my Senior Project, that i have to do as a junior beacause i wont be here for it in my senior year. what a bunch of HSDPMASBMWTMTFI... PSHAW! YR! (this is an akronym for High School Drama Polotics for Middle Aged School Board Memebers, Which Thereby Makes Them Feel Important... PSHAW! Yeah Right! incase you were wondering)