Jan 29, 2009

Photography pass

Check out my foto-graff-E PASS i made!


Jan 28, 2009

Blogs i liked


I like these blogs for a few reasons including they both catch man-made and natural things in their natural beauty and a little hut has a few pix of people mostly children that look so innocent.They also both(especially Ciudad Obregon) capture the wilderness in way that is majestic and cool. Ciudad Obregon has an advantage over the a little hut one because a little hut is in the states and Ciudad Obregon is in a forien tropical country. This enables Ciudad Obregon to have more majestic, tropical, natural, wild and unknown pictures on its blog. On the other hand a little hut has the the children to take the cool pictures of kids being themselves unlike the Ciudad Obregon blog which either doesnt have kids or chooses not to have them on their blog as the subject of the pictures he takes. A little hut also takes pictures of things she has created like small objects made out of paper and cool looking candles. She also has her book which is mentioned and picture frequently which has cool little paper objects on the cover. In conclusion tthose where the reasons that I enjoyed these two blogs.

Guitar Pictures

Strings look cool up close.
This is my guitar... I know it looks awesome.
Random and Awesome thats what i say.
I especially like the Claritan clear clarity in this one

Jan 24, 2009

The clock in my class looks different but i Don't know what it is.

P.S. #6

Jan 22, 2009

This is a photograph that i took when i was in Washington DC last year with my history class. All i can say is "you can take a bite out of crime"... well I can also say "BUSTED!"

Jan 21, 2009

dan the man levitan

Hey Wazzup this is my first day with a blog and i just have it for my FotoGraff E class. im workin on gettin pictures up on it.